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8 comments on “contact us

  1. go ahead and comment on any questions you may have.Sorry my website is till being set up to custom status
    but feel fre to reply to my coment and i will respond asap to your coment .or log in to your face book to connect with me …at

    • My prices are based on my experience , im not to say too expensive to afford but my work is well worth what I charge.. and I charge 120 an hour , now are are you shopping for best prices or best tattoo artist. .because both will determine the price you pay , a good artist will not be cheap , and a cheap artist will not be good, an that will show on your skin

      • I cant just price your sleeve , from a text, youd have to come in and discus the details , imean id have to take a look at your hand , how big is your arm ?skinny , medium, big , all that tells me how long I will work on it , how much are you tring to spend on it .. a full sleeve is a lot of work , if I said I id definitely keep it under 2000 for a full sleeve then that be a good deal , coming from a professional experienced artist.

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